We Can Help

Our water resources group of scientists and engineers are available to offer assistance in stream and point-source sampling, biological stream assessments, electronic data management, wetland delineations and management, investigation of non-compliance to water quality standards, watershed modeling, stormwater sampling and solutions and any other related water quality concerns.

Our water resource scientists and engineers are available to work with you at any level of involvement you may need.

Our team networks with many leading academic and industry professionals to provide technical solutions that make sense.

Measure of field parameters with all necessary documentation to validate field results.

Preparation of laboratory chains-of-custody coordination with laboratory services to collect information necessary to complete permit or non-permit sampling frequencies and analyses parameters.

Data compilation, storage and interpretation of data necessary to make informed decisions and for reporting purposes - i.e. completion and electronic submittlas of discharge monitoring reports (DMRs).

Consulting services with interpretation of data - includes statistical process control of field and laboratory results to allow clients to evaluate any non-conforming data trends.

Evaluation of stream biota including stream benthic invertebrate assessments, fish population studies, acute and chronic effluent toxicity evaluations, morphology and IBI assessments.

Our team of experienced professionals will evaluate your needs and are skilled, capable and willing to entertain any questions or water quality needs you may have.