Keeping you Safe

NTS inspectors are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health and will accurately identify asbestos containing materials (ACM) and potential hazardous materials found within the structure. These materials can be found in many forms; pipe insulation, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, glues and mastics, insulations, electrical wiring, ceramics, grout and cement, exterior siding, and many other building products. Clients throughout Minnesota have used our inspection services, which include: local, state, and federal government, fire departments, commercial business, and private residences.

Each inspection is completed in a timely manner. By identifying ACM and hazardous materials the remaining disposal material can be appropriately identified and reduce the cost. It keeps your valued employees safe and healthy. NTS has professional staff with training and certifications required to perform inspections interface with regulatory agencies and write bid specifications for abatement of asbestos and hazardous materials.

Inspectors are used to identify all Potential Asbestos Containing Materials (PACM) and hazardous materials items existing within a structure.

Pre-Demolition hazardous materials are identified while conducting an inspection;

• Mercury in thermostats
• Hydraulic oil (PCB) found in door rams
• Lead batteries in exit signs
• Emergency lights
• and many other items.

It is the law to remove all ACM items.

Minn. State (326.70). It is for the safety and health of employees involved in the removal of the structure if these items are not properly identified the whole structure will be considered ACM/hazardous material and will create more expensive disposal fees.